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Maria Vegh's career has been distinguished, long and varied. Initially arrivng in New York in the early 50's with a vocal scholarship to Julliard, she was introduced to ballet and came quickly to embrace it. Beginning at the unusually late age of eighteen, she moved rapidly through her training at the National Academy of Ballet and the Ballet Russe School while studying with such notable teachers as Pamela May, Thalia Mara, Mary Skeaping and Arthur Mahoney. After dancing with the Ballet Repertory Company of New York and, as a principal dancer, with the Royal Ponciana Theatre, she began her teaching career at the National Ballet of New York. Appointed a teacher at the then widely-acclaimed, pioneering New York City Harkness House for Ballet Arts in 1968, she became its co-director, with David Howard, in 1971. Moving to California in 1976 (following the closing of Harkness) to become Artistic Director of Marin Ballet, Ms. Vegh led that institution for more than a decade during its rapid accent to national prominence (detailed in a 1981 Dance Magazine feature article).

Then, 1993, she left Marin Ballet in order to establish the Maria Vegh Ballet Centre. Not a school in the usual sense (it offered vertually no classes), it provided the setting within which Ms. Vegh essentially worked with a small group of serious, promising intermediate and advanced ballet students who aspired to professional careers: individualized instruction and coaching, the identification and correction of technical issues, the development of strong, precise technique and musicality, and injury prevention.

Ms. Vegh has travelled widely across the U.S. and Peru and Japan as a master teacher and as a leader of teacher-training programs, in which she utilized her own syllabus, To Dance. She has been a guest-teacher at many universities and colleges, and ballet schools and companies; she is a member of Regional Dance America's Advisory Committee; she has recently produced a series of videotapes on the training of ballet students.


Ms. Vegh has come nearly full-circle. Stepping back from the day-to-day, she has recently closed the Centre and returned to the east coast. Now residing in Asheville, she is close to many of the institutions with which she has worked in the past, and in a delightful position to pursue other artistic inclinations.

She remains committed to serious, competent dance, and, where possible, will be pleased to be of assistance. She may be reached at:

16 Ballantree Drive
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 505-3924
I do not believe there is a more dedicated, talented professional in all the American dance scene than Maria Vegh. Maria's students can be seen in many of the country's major dance companies, both as performers and as teachers and directors.
David Howard
David Howard Dance Foundation
New York City
Ms. Vegh...has been an invaluable influence in my career as a dancer and teacher.
Joanna Berman
Recently retired principal ballerina
San Francisco Ballet