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Guest-Teaching and Teacher Training Programs
Ms. Vegh has traveled regularly, as a master teacher, throughout the United States, with an emphasis upon the academic world (including a 2003 five-week residency at the University of Cincinnati). She has recently taught in Lima, Peru, and she traveled annually to Japan between 1997 and 2010.
A partial listing:

Alaska Ballet
Alberta Ballet
American Festival of Dance
Atlanta Ballet
Ballet Austin
Ballet Hawaii
Berkeley Conservatory Ballet
Berkeley City Ballet
Boston Ballet
California State Univ. Summer Arts
Canton Ballet
Cecchetti Conference, East Coast
Cedar Crest College
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet
Colledge School of Ballet
Connecticut Council for the Arts
Dance Educators of America
Dominican College
Fairbanks Arts Festival
Dance Masters of America
Dance Spectrum

East Carolina University
Glenda Brown Choreography Project
Inland Pacific Ballet
Mercyhurst College
National Ballet
Oregon Council of the Arts
Pacific Ballet Academy
Regional Dance America/Pacific
Skidmore College
South Carolina Governor’s School
     for the  Arts & Humanities
Stanford University
University of Alabama
University of Illinois
University of Wisconsin
University of Cincinnati
University of Louisville
University of South Carolina
Utah Regional Ballet
Utah Valley University
Worchester School of the Arts
Utilizing her syllabus and instructional program, To Dance, Ms. Vegh  has developed and taught a variety of well-received teacher-training programs in a number of settings, including:
Atlanta Ballet
Cedar Crest College
Dance Connection
Stanford University
33rd Performance/Choreography Conference
     University of Oklahoma
Inland Pacific Ballet
Regional Dance America/Southwest
Dance Teacher Magazine’s NYC Summer       Teacher’s Conference
David Howard Dance Center
Mississippi Dance Association
Riverside Ballet Theatre
34th Performance/Choreography Conference
    University of Iowa
CSI/IDAA Summer Dance Workshop
College of Southern Idaho
Ballet Hawaii
ODC Dance/San Francisco
Additionally many of her teaching methods have been incorporated into a 3-tape video sequence entitled Sculpting the Ballet Body, as well as a fourth tape entitled Introducing Ballet to Children: a Different Approach.

On a more-personal note:

In the late summer of 2010, ODC--the larg, essentially modern-dance school and company in San Fransisco--engaged Ms. Vegh to conduct a twenty-hour teacher-training program based on the principles found in TO DANCE, followed by a semester of teaching intended to show them at work. All of this was recorded by the small video company, Cinematics. In the process, the two videograophers became increasingly interested in Ms. Vegh herself, and as they had already done several other woman deemed by them to be unusual, they are currently working on an interactive DVD outlining Ms. Vegh's background as a gifted, innovating teacher; the pilot can be found at:

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