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Ms. Vegh is an extremely gifted and generous teacher that possesses an amazing knowledge of our art form and of kinesiology...Ms. Vegh is, simply put, the best teacher I have ever had the privilege to experience.  I have not been exposed to so much valuable material since my days in graduate school and am very grateful for the experience.   See Ms. Bronner’s complete letter
Cynthia Bronner
Co-Director, University of Louisville Dance Academy
Former National vice-president, Regional Dance America
Thank you for your generous, warm and sharing spirit!  Your wisdom and expertise; coupled with your incredible ability to communicate and pass on your knowledge, puts you in a league of your own.
Shellie Cash
Co-Director, University of Cincinnati Dance Division
I just wanted to let you know what a joy it was to work with you.  You are a godsend to the ballet world.
Tina LeBlanc
Principal ballerina, San Francisco Ballet
The teacher’s course she conducted for a week was probably the most successful project we had ever done of its kind.
Robert Barnett
Former Artistic Director, Atlanta Ballet
Ms. Vegh helps dancers recognize their individual needs, analyze their work and realize their potential.  She has been an invaluable influence in my career as a dancer and teacher.
Joanna Berman
Former Principal Ballerina, San Francisco Ballet
You are the queen of master teachers!
Sarah Arnold
Artistic Director, Capitol City Ballet
Ms. Vegh has taught me the crucial difference between giving a class and teaching a class.
Judith Sydney Paterson
President/CEO US Performing Arts
Former Chair, Principia College Dance Department
Maria!!! Boundless energy ... Total discipline ... Complete dedication ... A consummate teacher of all levels and ages.
Glenda Brown
Artistic Director, Allegro Ballet
Former president, Regional Dance America
Maria’s pursuit of excellence and wealth of knowledge make her a treasure to the international dance community.  She has certainly been an inspiration and role model to me as a teacher, dancer and as an individual.
Pamela Taylor Tong
Artistic Director
Ballet Hawaii

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